Head: Content Design and Production

Regenesys seeks a candidate to head up and manage the Content Design and Production Department, ensuring accurate and timeous development and management of learning materials.

Job Summary

Regenesys seeks a candidate to head up and manage the Content Design and Production Department, ensuring accurate and timeous development and management of learning materials for learning programmes at Regenesys in accordance with internal and external market demands. These learning materials pertain to CHE or SETA related learning programmes and include study guides, assignments, examinations, pre- and post-test assessments, Portfolios of Evidence (POE), slides and relevant matrixes.

Qualifications and Experience

Minimum Qualifications:

Master’s Degree (preferably M. Com, MBA or MBL).

Minimum Experience:

  • At least 5 years experience in a similar position.
    Ability to manage and motivate staff.
    Experience in establishing effective partnerships within and outside the organization.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Managing a team comprising of Course Programme Writers, Material Development Coordinator, and Editors:
    • Provide leadership and direction to the team
    • Assign tasks to team members and monitor their performance
    • Support team members and institute a development plan if they lack skills, knowledge or motivation
    • Performance manage all team members against their KPIs to ensure optimal performance
  • Researching and developing new learning materials:
    • Conduct a market analysis to determine new products that should be developed
    • Consult key clients or relevant stakeholders to determine their education and training needs
    • Develop new learning materials in accordance with the approved learning outcomes
  • Moderate and quality assure learning materials produced by writers:
    • Review the learning materials developed by writers in accordance to Regenesys’ Material Development Standards: The material addresses the relevant learning outcomes, ensure the material is clear and coherent, contains relevant content, referenced according to the correct referencing format (e.g. APA 7 Reference Style)
    • Ensure that there is articulation of content between the qualifications and there is no repetition of content within and between qualifications.
  • Quality Assurance
    • Responsible for the overall quality of the learning materials
    • Responsible for the quality updates of materials and assessments based on feedback from facilitators, assessors and moderators
  • Developing/aligning, implementing and monitoring a strategic plan for the unit
    • Implement the unit strategic plan and manage the team budget
  • Establishing, managing and monitoring a user-friendly knowledge management database system so that knowledge is stored safely and accessed easily
  • Collaborating with and supporting departmental units at Regenesys to ensure quality development and dissemination of learning materials. Specifically:
    • The Dean, Chief Academic Officer, The Registrar, Head: Teaching and Learning, Academic Heads and Skills Head:
      • Assist in reviewing learning outcomes and the overall quality of study guides and assignments in conjunction with the team and review overall quality of study guides and assessments
      • Participate in negotiating and reviewing the yearly textbook recommendation list
      • Ensuring the correct materials are released timeously for production
      • Training/orientating facilitators so that they are familiar with the learning materials
    • Head: Admissions, Head: Student Support and Administration, Sales and Marketing Manager – clarifying needs of clients and customisation requirements.
  • Manage library resources in conjunction with the librarian
    • Manage librarian and the library
  • Support the Accreditation Manager to ensure that our CHE or SETA qualifications are accredited before being offered
  • Regenesys team responsibilities:
    • Attending Regenesys staff meetings, training activities and functions (e.g. team building, year-end and strategic planning functions)
    • General academic team support
    • Deliver and/or contribute to the development of presentations at strategic planning sessions or relevant forums 

Skills Requirements


  • Ability to get consensus and collaboration across many business units
  • Ability to explain complex concepts in layman’s language
  • Ability to generate enthusiasm
  • Ability to communicate with all levels of management and staff
  • Establishes straightforward, productive relationships
  • Treats all individuals with fairness and respect, demonstrating sensitivity for cultural and gender differences
  • Shows great drive and commitment to Regenesys’ mission

Drive for Results:

  • Makes things happen
  • Is proactive
  • Balances “analysis” with “doing”
  • Sets high standards for self
  • Commits to organisational goals

Staff Management and Teamwork:

  • Able to build a strong productive team
  • Collaborates with others across boundaries
  • Works effectively with a diverse workforce
  • Willing to seek help as needed
  • Influence and resolve differences across organisational boundaries

Learning and Knowledge sharing:

  • Open to new ideas
  • Shares own knowledge
  • Applies knowledge in daily work
  • Builds partnerships for learning and knowledge sharing

Analytical Thinking and Decisive Judgment:

  • Analysing issues and problems systematically, gathering broad and balanced input, drawing sound conclusions and translating conclusions into timely decisions and actions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The successful candidate should be able to:

  • Manage a department and its staff
  • Allocate work, and manage the delivery process of each material developer
  • Apply research skills in the public and developmental environment
  • Analyse and interpret unit standards
  • Plan and design course material
  • Use a variety of information sources to obtain relevant information
  • Apply strong writing skills to develop interactive outcomes-based course material
  • Quality assure course material on a variety of topics
  • Apply information literacy skills
  • Able to meet strict deadlines

 Key Qualities:

  • Managerial experience
  • Able to motivate and work well with a team
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Dynamic
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Excellent communicator
  • Self-starter
  • Demonstrate professionalism, speed and accuracy


Market-related and commensurate with qualifications and experience