Education for All – World Class Online Higher Education

This game-changing initiative has been made possible by combining education, technology, the internet, financial engineering, and philanthropy. The EdForAll initiative is based on the principle of ‘study now and pay later’. Students pay a monthly commitment fee for the duration of their studies and then pay the remaining fees once they gain employment or promotion after obtaining their qualification. EdForAll empowers students to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty due to lack of education which results in no job, no money, and no education.

  • Bachelor’s degrees:
    • Business Administration
    • Accounting Science
    • Banking
    • Retail Management
    • Public Management
  • Master’s degrees:
    • MBA – Master of Business Administration
    • Master of Public Management
  • Postgraduate diplomas:
    • Business Management
    • Public Management
  • Certificate programmes:
    • Business Management
    • Credit Banking
    • Retail Management
    • Public Management
  • Digital programmes:
    • Project Management
    • Digital Marketing
    • AI
    • Robotics
    • Data Science
    • Coding
    • Blockchain
    • Machine Learning
    • Cybersecurity
    • Design Thinking
    • Finance for Non-Financial Managers
    • Professional Business Writing Skills
  • Diploma:

    • National Diploma in Public Administration

The purpose of EdForAll is to:

  • Provide an opportunity to every human being on planet Earth to get educated, develop and awaken their potential, and achieve their dreams;
  • Develop capable and conscious leaders who are capable of solving the current challenges the world is facing – from unemployment and poverty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to corruption and sustainable development;
  • Disrupt traditional higher education systems and provide access to affordable and quality higher education to the world;
  • Utilise internet, technology, and education as the greatest equalisers in the world;
  • Wipe the tears of all parents who cannot afford to pay for the quality higher education of their children;
  • Create a world in which higher education is a human right for all and not a privilege of the wealthy.

Regenesys Business School is a global business school with campuses in Sandton, Lagos, and Mumbai, with over 200,000 students and alumni from 190 countries. Its alumni occupy top leadership positions in multinational corporations and government institutions all over the world.

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